Conditions for RepFest



  1. An entry fee of £20 will be paid for each entry to the Festival on submission of the entry form.


  1. The last date for submission of entry forms and associated documents will be March 29th


  1. Festival entry is open to adult groups whose minimum age is 16 and should involve a minimum of two actors who speak.


  1. No player may appear for more than one group.


  1. Entries will be a One Act Play or an extract from a longer play and must be not less than 20 minutes and no more than 55 minutes (points will be deducted if clubs go over the times). Time starts from the moment the curtain starts to open or when the audiences’ attention is drawn to the stage (open set).


  1. All members of a participating club must have either a valid ticket for audience attendance or a backstage pass. NOTE – IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH FIRE REGULATIONS, ACCESS TO BACKSTAGE WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO THOSE WITH BACKSTAGE PASSES.


  1. The entrant is responsible for payment of Author’s Royalty and these MUST be shown to the Festival Organiser prior to performance.


  1. Once the running order is set:


  1. If a team cancels a play more than two weeks prior to the festival the fee will not be returned. The organisers will try to work around any scheduling difficulties where possible so please ask about your options before cancelling.


  1. Where a club submits two entries they should give order of preference.


  1. In the unlikely event of there being more entries than can be staged, clubs may be asked to withdraw and the entry fee refunded.


  1. Responsibility for providing technical information to enable lighting to be set and coloured in advance rests with each producer.


  1. Each team will be allowed 10 minutes for setting and 5 minutes for striking as well as the performance time. The Adjudicator will penalise teams who exceed these times. Technical times will be sent with the running order confirmation.


  1. A maximum technical rehearsal time of 30 minutes will be allowed and it is essential that clubs adhere to this time limit. Producers should prioritise their requirements in order of importance to ensure that the more important of these are completed within the time limit.


  1. Properties used in the plays must be removed on the performance night unless by prior arrangement with Theatre staff.


  1. Clubs are responsible for ensuring that tabs are operated at the correct times and that scenery is set and struck within the time allowed.


  1. On the final night trophies will be awarded for: BEST PLAY, RUNNER UP, 2ND RUNNER UP, BEST ACTOR, BEST ACTRESS, BEST STAGING.




  1. Should you require to contact theatre technical staff, please email the Festival organiser at least 14 days prior to the performance date. Please refrain from contacting theatre personnel direct.


  1. Stage drapes (black) are in situ. Otherwise clubs must bring their own sets.  Backcloth hung from c/w20, about 20ft back from front tab.


  1. Fire regulations demand that all materials used must be flame retarding. Naked lights are forbidden.


  1. Use of any equipment of a technical nature, whether it is sound, lighting or stage equipment, will be with prior consent of the Theatre Technician. Any person using such equipment should comply with the instructions given.


  1. Clubs may use additional lighting and other equipment at their own expense and in consultation with the theatre technical staff.


  1. Theatre technical staff control the lighting switchboard, and will attend to lighting under the instructions of the Club producer


  1. Clubs should provide their own sound operator – a member of EK Rep will be on hand to assist if there is a problem.




  1. The organisers accept no responsibility for the safety of any articles brought to the Village Theatre and any club or members wishing insurance must make their own arrangements.


  1. The organisers will appoint an Adjudicator and in all matters within his/her competence their decision will be final.


  1. The organisers will appoint a Festival Stage Manager and time-keeper whose decision on all production matters shall be final and binding on all teams.